Last Minute Travel Deals

LAST MINUTE TRAVEL DEALS – Flexibility, Ease and Saving

Last-minute travel is the fastest-growing segment of the travel market. 64% of travelers make reservations for at least one of their trips within two weeks prior to departure. 26% of travelers book ALL trips within two weeks prior to departure. Last Minute Deals are naturally appealing to this huge market segment..

Flexibility: Last Minute Travel Deals serve over 100 points of origin and over 200 diverse destinations, with more on the way. Customers choose flight dates and times, airlines, hotels and car rental classes.

Ease: Travelers will LOVE the ease of customizing their trip with the flights, hotels and cars of their choice, all for one price.

Saving: Travellers can save up to 70%! on combinations of air, hotel and car packages within seven days of departure.


+ See hundreds of package deals priced and ready to go for this weekend and next
+ Search by destination, dates of travel, or type of experience .
+ Choose the exact flights you want from top-tier airlines and earn miles
+ Choose the exact hotel they want with selection ranging from two to five stars
+ Choose the exact car they want from compact to full size
+ Buy from 14 days to 3 hours before departure
+ Travel more than ever because now you can get up and go whenever you want

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